Sati / Lena-Aischa is her own art: multidimensional, timeless, authentic and absolutely free!

The artist behind these works and the development of her soul

Sati's personality can absolutely no be limited to a few sentences. She appears to be strong and fearless, like her artwork. The actual meeting with her usually leaves its mark. In reality, the world "out there" is alien to Sati, but she lets her brushes dance intuitively and thoughtlessly in her universe. The infinitely pure love she feels in the process makes time stand still.

Until this time came, in 1963 the girl Renata came into the world with a smile. Although even as a child, she was aware that she saw beyond the perception of her
human eyes, she had to walk her earthly way like everyone else. However, stumbling blocks in the first 40 years, failed to break her. Instead of despairing, she used her unspeakably great inner strength and began to collect the tears she had not cried.

When they became too much, she came up with the idea of coloring them in 2006. Fascinated by the simplicity of dot and dash, she gave the tears other shapes,
and at that moment, her geometry of the soul was born and her smile returned. In just five years, under her pseudonym Lena-Aischa, known as an author, she
created over 300 works, working from 30 to 330 hours for each of them. Although painting is her elixir and endless inspiration, more extended recovery periods always follow.

When she created painting No. 440 titled "Hang in there" in early January 2023, she subconsciously wanted to
sign it as Sati. At that moment, she woke up and the painting became a bridge between Lena-Aischa and Sati.


 She has finally arrived and the new vision is visible: